Himachal Parvati Valley

Himalayan Playground



A view from the top of the world

Mountains and beaches may be worlds apart, but they fill me with same sense of contentment. The sounds of waves crashing on to rocks and the winds howling at the mountain tops remind of me how insignificant our lives or should I say our “problems” really are.

Being in such remote locations was a huge bonus, not sighting another human or a human settlement for miles not only reinforced this but it also highlighted how messed up our urban lives are and it’s not the destruction of nature that I’m referring to, that is just an inconvenient truth that we have to live with. In our daily scramble for existence, we fret over such silly things, accuse and torment each other for worthless issues.

We would do well to learn from people who live in these remote and harsh surroundings. They may not have much yet they will willingly open their homes to you, share their food, help you out in whatever way possible.

Man would like to believe that he has conquered nature, mastered his surroundings, that he is smartest being on the planet. He is nothing but a fool. We are but an insignificant spec of dust in this vast cosmos.