Nubra Valley: Panamik to Turtok

In the next leg of our journey, we travel from Panamik toTurtok, the northenmost village in the country. Along the way we pass many streams, criss-cross the Shyok river mutiple times, spot sand-dunes and camels.

We went as far up north as we could go, we had to turn around and head back to Leh.

Catch some interesting sights and get a quick history lesson.


Khardungla Pass

Driving through one of the highest motorable roads in the world.

Ki Ki So So Lohargyalo……………. Victory to the Gods.

It is the prayer that Tibetans & Ladakhis  recite at the summit of a mountain pass. The locals believe that it is at these high mountain passes that the good gods fight with the evil gods and that the lung-tar (prayer flags) and prayer are an offering to the  good gods.